Marketing doesn't necessarily come naturally!

Marketing doesn’t necessarily come naturally!

Marketing doesn’t necessarily come naturally to a lot of small business owners.  Most people go into business because they were exceptionally good at something and have decided to take the plunge and “have a go” out on their own!

It’s not until you actually get started in business that you realise that there is A LOT more to being in business and running a business than you ever imagined.  I know this was definitely the situation I was in when I first started out in business.  When you think about what it actually takes to run a successful business, it can be quite overwhelming at times. There are so many tasks that need to be done, such as answering the telephone (Receptionist), paying the bills, invoicing and following up outstanding invoices (Accounts), preparing social media content, creating regular newsletters and making sure that you are constantly communicating with your clients and prospecting for new ones (Marketing). These tasks may not be your forte and hence can take twice as long to do or simply get left on your “To Do” list and never getting done at all.

If marketing is one of those tasks that you don’t really want to think about, then it could be detrimental to your business. Without marketing, your target market won’t even know about you and this can result in NO CUSTOMERS, NO SALES and BUSINESS FAILURE. Not only do you have to get the word out about your business, you also have to do this continuously. Marketing requires a well-planned and consistent effort to attract new customers and keep customers coming back.

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If you are not marketing on a regular basis then your business will be severely disadvantaged. Regular marketing keeps your brand in the mind of your customers and prospects, so if you are not communicating regularly, they will go elsewhere.