Is there still a place for Direct Mail Marketing?

Is there still a place for Direct Mail Marketing?  Direct mail marketing used to be so popular before emails were around and now it is all too easy to create an email marketing campaign and send it to thousands of people with the click of a button!  Email marketing sounds so very easy but is it still effective?

I don’t know about you, but I do get a bit sick and tired of receiving marketing emails.  Especially those that are unsolicited and I haven’t actually signed up for, which seem to be about 90% of the marketing emails.  The other 10% are from newsletters that I have legitimately signed up to because I really liked the content and found it interesting, but I rarely get a chance to read any of it because I am a business owner and I never have time!!  I get so many emails each day that I tend to file the marketing newsletters to read at a later date (which never happens!).  Emails are so easy to send to thousands of people and can originate from anywhere in the world – which can be a fantastic thing but it isn’t personal.  So many emails come from offshore companies trying to win our business these days that it gets frustrating sifting through these.  Now I do set up filters on my email account, but this is not the point?  Why receive and file these newsletters away for “another time” when I never get around to reading?  It is for these reasons why direct mail marketing is so effective in our digital world today.

Many argue the fact that the cost of actually posting a letter these days is getting quite expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of sending an email.  This is true, however if you are going to invest in a direct mail campaign, that is going to be much more effective than an email campaign, you will put more thought and effort into it.  Not only that, but when you reach out to people in a more personal manner, your results will be so much better.

Here are the reasons why Direct Mail Marketing is so effective;

  • It is tangible – your recipient can touch and feel it
  • People are more likely to open mail from their letterbox than an email
  • It shows that you are prepared to put in a little bit of effort
  • When you follow up with a phone call, it makes it more personal

Getting started with a direct mail marketing campaign is very easy and straight forward.  You may already have a list of prospects and customers that you can send to, or you may create your own prospect list or you can purchase leads.  Once you have a list of prospects you are well on your way to sending out your campaign.

person with a letter