The First Impression can be a lasting one!

The First Impression can be a lasting one!

Do you often wonder what your prospects think when they first see your brand?  The first impression can be a lasting one and you only get one chance to make it.  This is not just about you, the person behind the business but it is also about your website, your newsletters, your social media page and content.  It includes all of your communication both written and verbal and it also includes the advertising on your vehicle.  The advertising on your car could be the first time a potential client is introduced to your business so it’s really important that your car is kept clean.  It does not portray a very positive first impression if a business person is driving around with advertising on their very dirty car.  It also would not portray a very positive image if the driver of this vehicle was erratic and abusive.

I know of a home based beauty salon that I would not be likely to use because it portrays a very poor image and my first impression is very negative.  The window to the property that advertises the beauty salon has a torn poster stuck to it and the curtain is half hanging down.  Now I wouldn’t use this business or refer anyone because my impression is that this business owner does not take pride in their work.  They have created an image that quality is not important and I would be concerned that this would also be a reflection of their service too.  This may not be the case, but as a potential client, I don’t know this and the image is the first impression that I am making my judgment from.

So when it comes to creating a positive first impression for your business there are a few golden rules.

  1. Make sure your written content always looks professional (i.e. Newsletters, business templates, letters, blog posts, media releases, social media, etc)
  2. When you are out networking, make sure that you look the part with neat casual or business attire, depending on the function – clean shoes are a must!
  3. Be on time – no one wants to hear poor excuses about bad traffic or that you got lost, just get there on time!
  4. If you have advertising on your vehicle then it needs to be kept clean (both inside and out because people can look in the window and they don’t want to see your lunch rubbish and paperwork laying about!)
  5. When operating from an office or home based premises where you are likely to have clients visit, it is important that the outside looks neat and tidy.

It is really important to create a positive image and the old saying that “First Impressions Last” still holds some truth, so next time you are creating content or out at a networking event, just remember the image and impression that you want to portray.